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For theories of love, political economic democracy, and an all-purpose electoral system (based on single transferable vote: STV)...

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The WordAid anthology, Not Only The Dark, 160 poems, on survival, for Shelterbox, the charity for emergency accommodation, is available here (from 20 November 2011.)

(For the Children In Need anthology 2010, see the links page.)

Getting Ideas: How I dreamt my life away.
Memoir of an amateur thinker and survey of this site.

The library system is an infrastructure of democracy, with further role as information-rich standing polling stations. Against library closures. (January 2011)

Democracy: personal, economic, political and educational.

The menace of the nuclear tyranny.

How parties resist effective democracy,
single transferable vote (STV), in particular.

Election systems studies justifying single transferable vote.

Reports for the single transferable vote (more or less).

Research into improving single transferable vote method of democracy.

Realpolitik fraud of force versus freedom of knowledge.

Making possible a democracy of letters:

Popular science:

Democracy and Science Reviews.

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Modèle Scientifique du Procès Electoral. (Scrutin Transferable: Single Transferable Vote.)

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