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For theories of love, political economic democracy, and an all-purpose electoral system (based on single transferable vote: STV)...

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Getting Ideas: How I dreamt my life away.
Memoir of an amateur thinker and survey of this site.

Science is ethics or "electics."
A new metafysics and model of reality synthesising the deterministic & statistical world-views.

Relativity theory and election method.

The Four Loves: Romance, friendship, affection and charity. (From C S Lewis)

Sigmund Freud and C G Jung:
seeking the whole man thru a democracy of ones selfs.

World peace thru democracy: H G Wells neglected third phase.

Constitutional Economics

The menace of the nuclear tyranny.

The Two Cultures:

How partisans resist effective democracy;
single transferable vote (STV) justification;
more pages:

Reports for single transferable vote (more or less):

Research into single transferable vote method of democracy.

Referendums etc

The republic of letters:

En français: (In French)

Modèle Scientifique du Procès Electoral. (Scrutin Transferable: Single Transferable Vote.)

Democracy archives and reviews.

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Popular science:

Special theory of relativity

Special relativity (more pages):

Science Reviews.

Democracy Science brief descriptions of above contents.

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Collected verse published in five volumes by Richard Lung:
Introduction with Help notes on self-publishing electronic books.

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Volumes: 1, The Valesman; 2, Dates and Dorothy; 3. He's a good dog. (He just doesnt like you to laf.); 4. In the meadow of night; 5 Radical!
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