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HG Wells anniversaries & first Speakers Conference on Electoral Reform centenary.

2016 is the 150th anniversary of the birth, and 70th anniversary of the death of the under-rated Mr Wells. The following linked essay celebrates Herbert George Wells, on electoral reform, you will not hear trumpeted from the walls of the Establishment.
This year is also the centenary of the first Speakers Conference on Electoral Reform, which the British government promised to implement in full, unlawfully breaking its contract by singling out the unanimous Conference recommendation of the Single Transferable Vote (STV), to throw to the wolves of a safe-seats Parliament, which has resisted this democratic system, ever since.
So, Wells opening comment on this state fraud remains true to this day:
British political life resists cleansing with all the vigour of a dirty little boy.

World peace thru democracy: HG Wells neglected third phase.

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Electoral reform and research.

How partisans resist effective democracy;
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The UK referendum on the European Union, 2016.

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The Four Loves: romance, friendship, affection and charity.
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Sigmund Freud and CG Jung:
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The moral sciences as the ethics of scientific method.

Science is ethics or "electics."
A synthesis of deterministic & statistical world-views.

Relativity theory and election method.

Constitutional Economics

The menace of the nuclear tyranny.

The determined dishonesty of atomic energy.

Nuclear deterence threatens its own world war crime.

Nuclear annihilation.

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Modèle Scientifique du Procès Electoral. (Scrutin Transferable: Single Transferable Vote.)

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