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Archives acknowledgments largely to The International Library Of Famous Literature, chiefly edited by Richard Garnett. London, The Standard, 1900.

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For many years, this Dorothy Cowlin literary site was hosted by Paradox Inc.org, an incorporated non-profit organisation with the mission of a sustainable international poetry community.

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The web manager could not access this site after March 2007.
Re-hosted and re-accessed April 2018. I have taken the opportunity to cut a few superseded drafts of my own verse, as well as editing mishaps. Otherwise, I left the site as a "time-capsule" and, so, a happy memory of when I still had Dorothys companionship.

This study of Dorothys writings, more or less, became the first part of my e-book, Dates And Dorothy. (The second part was my second book of verse, including an account, in narrative verse of our friendship.)

Not to be found, on this site, is a collection of Dorothys letters to me:
Echoes Of A Friend: Letters from Dorothy Cowlin. Comment by Richard Lung.

The reviews, on this site, of other novelists formed the basis of my book: Literary Liberties.

These and all my other books may be found, in epub format, from my Smashwords page.

Nearly all those works are also published by Amazon, in their mobi format for Kindle e-readers.